About Us

7 Stars Industry has a comprehensive coating plant facility with offices situated in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

In order to supply world class coating nationally and internationally, 7 Stars Industry entered into exclusive agreements and strategic alliances with global manufacturers. 7 Stars Industry is constantly striving to be known for excellent quality performance in all our operations.

Our reputation for providing high-performance coatings has prompted the local engineers, consultants, architects and owners to work with us to:

• Ensure durability,

• Enhance aesthetic value,

• Reduce maintenance costs.

We have remained a specialist coating company since our founding, and have always firmly believed in our motto, “Ultimate Corrosion Protection”. We concentrate our talents and resources into a single aim, helping you to choose and apply the highest quality coating for architectural and industrial use in the most demanding environment of Middle East. The hot and humid conditions mean extra protection is the only logical option to extend product life and reduce maintenance costs.

Our Mission

We are a quality orientated company, approved by world class manufacturers, dedicated to benefiting all our customers by providing cost effective, high performance, durable coatings, strictly conforming to international standards. We focus on giving our customers the best protection in cost efficient manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to anticipate customer needs, devise innovative ways to deliver cost-effective products, services, and solutions, and thus become the channel of choice by adding value and efficiency.

Quality Policy

The Management of Seven Stars Industry is committed to comply with the requirements of the above standards as applicable to its scope of operations and corporate objectives, which shall be realized by setting and achieving process related objectives at various functions and levels.