PVC Coated Conduit Nipple

Factory threaded nipples save you time and money in the field. Electrical continuity is maintained across assembled joints. *The exteriors of certain short nipples are coated with urethane in lieu of PVC. This is dictated by the manufacturing process as well as assembly considerations.



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Physical Properties
• 40 mil gray PVC exterior coating.
• 2 mil colored urethane interior and thread coating.
• 12 trade sizes from 1/2″ through 6″.
• 11 standard lengths in available: Close, 2″ to 12″.
• Made to order lengths available – Call for 800 – 225 – 7473 for quote.
Product Details
Nominal Size Catalogue Code
1/2″ NIP
3/4″ NIP
1″ NIP
1-1/4″ NIP
1-1/2″ NIP
2″ NIP
2-1/2″ NIP
3″ NIP
4″ NIP
5″ NIP
6″ NIP

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