PVC Coated Knockout Hub

Hub are used to terminate conduit runs through the wall of a sheet metal electrical enclosure. They are available with or without grounding lug. STTB style hubs are “Through-Bulkhead” fittings used to pass conduit runs through firewalls or bulkheads up to 1/8″ thick. STTTB style hubs perform the same function for unlimited wall thicknesses, (furnished without nipples).



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Physical Properties
• 40 mil gray PVC exterior coating.
• 2 mil gray urethane interior coating.
• ST and STTB available in 12 trade sizes from 1/2″ through 6″.
• STTTB in 6 trade sizes from 1/2″ through 2″.
• Sealing sleeves on conduit side of hub.
• Molded PVC gasket seals flush with enclosure wall.
• SO-ring gasket provides additional seal.
• UL
• All Screw-tight Hubs are listed for NEMA type enclosures 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4x, 11 and 12
• Grounding and Bonding Hubs are listed for NEMA Enclosures 2, 3, 3R, 4 and 12
Product Details
Nominal Size Catalogue Code
1/2″ HUB
3/4″ HUB
1″ HUB
1-1/4″ HUB
1-1/2″ HUB
2″ HUB
2-1/2″ HUB
3″ HUB
4″ HUB
5″ HUB
6″ HUB