PVC Coated Pulling Elbow

BD conduit bodies are used at 90° bends in conduit runs to allow straight pulls at bends, to serve as pull outlets for stiff conductors, to allow for service entrance into buildings or to allow conductor entrance into motors. Electrical continuity of the conduit system is maintained across assembled joints.



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Physical Properties
• 40 mil gray PVC exterior coating.
• 2 mil gray urethane interior coating.
• 10 trade sizes from 1/2″ through 4″.
• Sealing sleeves on all conduit openings.
• Molded-in seal between body and cover.
• Domed covers allow gentle bends of conductors.
• Shipped with covers.
• Angled covers allow straight pulling in either    direction.
Product Details
Nominal Size Catalogue Code
1/2″ LBD
3/4″ LBD
1″ LBD
1-1/4″ LBD
1-1/2″ LBD
2″ LBD
2-1/2″ LBD
3″ LBD
4″ LBD
5″ LBD
6″ LBD