PVC Coated Sealing Fitting

Sealing Fittings are used in conduit runs to stop gasses, vapors or flames from migrating from one part of the conduit system to another. This limits the spread of any potential explosion, enhancing safety. The PVC and urethane coatings of the fittings protects them from corrosive atmospheres so they can continue to function in hazardous locations.
These fittings are available in several different configurations and with optional breathers and drains to accommodate installation in a variety of locations and positions. The EYD, EYDX and EZD styles of fittings are for installation in vertical conduit runs. The EYS and EYSX style fittings are for installation in either vertical or horizontal runs. The EZS style fitting may be used in any angle of conduit run. These KorKap sealing fittings should be used with a suitable system of sealing compound, such as Chico A, Chico X or Chico A-P from Crouse-Hinds. Follow the installation instructions included with the sealing compound


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Physical Properties
• 40 mil gray PVC exterior coating.
• 2 mil gray urethane interior coating.
• 10 trade sizes from 1/2″ through 4″.
• Sealing sleeves on all conduit openings.
• EYDX and EYSX seals have 40% wire fill capacity.
• EYD and EZD fittings include a drain for    condensate.
• EZD fittings may be used at any conduit angle and    include drain.
Product Details
Nominal Size Catalogue Code
1/2″ SEF
3/4″ SEF
1″ SEF
1-1/4″ SEF
1-1/2″ SEF
2″ SEF
2-1/2″ SEF
3″ SEF
4″ SEF
5″ SEF
6″ SEF